Benefits of Playing Soccer for Young Kids

kids playing on a team


For full growth, every child needs to be active. It is the only way to be healthier and happier, both. The physical activities release endorphins, which are vital for the well-being of your child. This is more so, as today so many children prefer to spend their time in front of computer screens or on smart phones.

There cannot be a better way than sports to improve the physical activity of your child. They must get involved in sports from an early age. Though there are many good games to choose from, one favorite option liked by million worldwide is soccer; and we suggest that to be a star performer your child needs to start playing football as early as possible.

Benefits of playing Soccer

There are many advantages of playing soccer for your kids. It helps to teach children the importance of regular exercise and significantly improves their level of fitness. Soccer is an aerobic sport, thus the time spent on the soccer field in one of the best cardiovascular exercises to improve heart and lungs that are vital for healthy growth. Over time, playing soccer improves the energy levels and strengthens muscles, especially of legs and lower body.

To be a successful soccer player, one has to be fit and agile to be able to sprint after the football and other players for significant part of the game. In soccer, unlike other games, there are no timeouts or long breaks during the play. It only gives one 15 minutes half time, and for rest of the time, it is running around after a ball and the opponents. To avoid burn out during the game, one need to have stamina; and to do that one must go through regular training and practice.

If you plan to enroll your child for the soccer game, it is not only the better physical fitness that your will get; but it is one of the best team sports. It will help your child to improve social skills and to learn to make new friends among people with whom they will share at least one current interest- Soccer.

Soccer improves self-confidence and self-esteem. One quality that separates soccer from other games is that it teaches your child the importance of team spirit and to be able to work in a group as a cohesive unit.


Unlike other popular games as baseball, where the full pressure to perform comes from one player who is pitching or batting, in soccer, the players are rarely singled out. They learn to succeed or fail together as a team, not as individuals.

No wonder, that today, all around the world, millions of children reap the innumerable benefits of playing soccer. If your child wants to pursue this sport as a career later on, then do not worry. With such a big fan following and with so much money coming to soccer, it is truly a world class sport and can give your child a beautiful and fun filled career, something that we all dream of.