Hydration Tips

The human body must keep its hydration at an optimal level for it to keep efficiently functioning. The importance of taking in enough water to keep every body part hydrated cannot be overemphasized.

One just has to consider that the human body is two-thirds liquid to bear in mind how vital water’s role is in maintaining life. Even specific parts of the body are mostly water. Like, the brain is made up of seventy-five percent water, blood is made up of ninety-two percent water, bones are made up of twenty-two percent water and muscles are composed of seventy-five percent water.

Have you stopped to think of the many things that water does for your body lately?

Here is just a handful of stuff that it does to keep you going:

  • regulate your body temperature
  • aid in converting food into energy and in absorbing nutrients
  • gives cushioning to vital organs and joints
  • assistance in waste excretion
  • aid in breathing when it brings in oxygen to the cells all over the body

A drop in optimal water level gets felt quickly and is also very easy to know. Moderate dehydration gets immediately manifested in feelings of dizziness and headaches. How do you determine how much water you should take to keep your body properly hydrated? One thing that can help you figure out is the amount of muscular activity or bodily movements you do in a day, as well as your protein intake. The more you engage in physical activity and the more you have protein in your diet, the more water you need to take in.


As a rule of thumb when training, just multiply your body weight by fifty-five ounces to come up with an approximate amount of water to take in daily.

Maintaining a well-hydrated body isn’t just for those who workout or train regularly. Doing chores at home, keeping up with your social calendar and playing your favorite sport also require proper levels of hydration. And for any of these activities, one should replenish the amount of water that gets expelled out of the body in the form of perspiration. Thus, be sure to have a few sips of water all throughout the day and to drink some more water or a sports drink before and after training sessions.

For most people, two cups of water or sports drinks before training will be enough to keep the body well hydrated. Some training coaches also advise drinking four to six ounces of water every fifteen minutes during the training session. An additional two cups of water is recommended as well after the training session.

SPORTS DRINKSFollowing the above recommendations regularly will make them an easy to follow habit, which will make keeping your body properly hydrated during training a breeze.