Meir segal Juggling Tips

How a player touches and feels the ball is critical when it comes to the soccer game. This is one of the many ways to improve their skills aside from learning to juggle the ball. It doesn’t matter if they are new to the game or if they have been playing it for a long time. Juggling is one significant skill that every soccer player should learn.

Here are a few reasons to learn juggling…

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  • Controlling the Ball

To juggle a soccer ball expertly, you have to keep it as close your body as possible. You can only do this if you know how to control the ball.

  • Dexterity

If you know how to juggle, you probably have superior feet and eye coordination. This will help you in better controlling the ball and develop your speed on the field.

  • Balance

If you juggle the ball in soccer, chances are you have one foot firmly placed in the field and had the other controlling the ball in mid-air. As a player, this develops your balance both on and off the field.

  • Positioning

A player should always position himself at an angle that is closest to the ball. This applies whether he is on the field or juggling the ball itself. By having the correct positioning, he will learn how to control the ball and keep it close at all times.

  • Increased Focus and Concentration

It is a significant disadvantage to lose the one’s focus while juggling a ball. If this happens, you will lose the ball and the match as well. Juggling helps develop your focus and concentration on what you’re doing.

  • Flexibility and Strength Development

Juggling will often require a player to twist and turn the body to gain control of the object. Because of this, it will increase the flexibility of the body and help build strength because it can also be a form of exercise.

  • Learning to Anticipate

Sometimes, the trajectory of the ball is just out of the player’s control. Juggling can help a player anticipate the ball and develops his quick decision-making skills inside the field in the long run.

  • Motivation and Being Determined

Because of their determination to keep the ball in the air, it motivates them to keep on juggling which in turn develops their physical body.

  • Self-Confidence

This is the most important point of all. Juggling can help a player develop confidence in himself and his skills in controlling the ball and his body.

  • Speed and Swiftness

Juggling improves a player’s reaction time. Developing this speed will in turn aid in controlling the ball.


Meir Segal Soccer Training

Having discipline, motivation and capacity to set your goals are traits that you will learn from soccer. It will also give you strength, excellent health, and an active lifestyle. Be sure to juggle with a football regularly because it beats any video game on the market today.