Why it is important to be a sound technical player?

Development of your technical skills is necessary for becoming a better player in soccer. A player is of no use to the team if his technical abilities are not good. What is the use of having a player who can neither dribble with the ball nor receive passes from other players?

Meir Segal Tips – Technical development is key for success!


Some of the different ways of developing your personal skills by practicing are mentioned below. Just like all other things in this world you can develop better skills by practicing consistently. It is useless to expect that there can be a significant improvement of your skills at playing soccer by going through with training sessions only once a week.

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Turning to change the point of attack.

  • Juggling with the ball – Meir Segal

It is an excellent way to gain more control over the ball. Your control over the ball has to be highly impressive if you want to take up playing soccer as a profession or want to be as skillful as possible. You have to juggle the ball every day improving on your daily count of juggles until you reach 1000 juggles. It may look simple but until you can consistently juggle the ball 1000 times at a stretch your skill has not achieved full development.

  • Improving on receiving the ball – Meir Segal

You can improve your first touch of the ball by kicking it high up into the air and then bringing it down to the ground in front of you with a single touch. The first touch of the ball is crucial at the high levels of competitive soccer. You will quickly lose the ball to an opponent if you do not have a good first touch.

  • Passing the ball – Meir Segal

A piece of ground filled with grass adjoining a wall can be an ideal area for practicing various passing techniques by using the instep, outside, inside and the heels of your boot. Use different distances for practicing a pass which is highly necessary to become a good soccer player. You should be able to receive the ball with a first touch that is away from your body so that you can pass the ball to another player comfortably.

You can practice shooting the ball by drawing the top and bottom right and left corners of a goalpost on the wall. These spots are the most vulnerable areas which you can try hitting the ball at least ten times each day. Try to improve on your shots to these places to 12 and even 15 times each day. Go on trying harder and harder to get more and more correct hits.

All that is necessary for practicing all these exercises at your local park also is yourself and a soccer ball. Keep in mind that only hard work can help you become a better player of soccer and everything depends on your initiative and nothing else. You can be sure that practice will make you a much better player in the game of soccer.